Response Paper

Liza Flesher
Response Paper #2
In reading Confessions, Book One, I think I felt a little sorry for Rousseau because for one thing his mother died when he was born so he never really got to know his mom; Rousseau was also born a very sick baby so it was probably very hard on him being a sickly baby. His father also has to leave the country later on his life, so Rousseau doesn’t really have any parents anymore after that although he does get to live with his uncle Bernard and his uncle’s son which he loves very much like a sibling.   Another reason I felt bad for Rousseau is because he took beatings from his father for his brother, because he loved his brother so much; his brother does eventually leave forever and never has any contact with him either which is pretty sad. Rousseau seemed like a really good person because he always was gentle and a friendly person and seemed like he was never getting into trouble or being a mean person to anyone. It seemed like Rousseau loved his father very much cause they were always reading together which seemed like there favorite things to do. They would take turns reading to each other and would forget how much time would pass until they heard the birds at dawn.  
Anyways I really liked Rousseau’s Confessions,; I like the way he wrote cause it made it easier and more enjoyable for me to read.