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CMI LEVEL 3 Qualifications in first line management.

Resource Planning 3002v1

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Course Tutor:   Sue Copeland


1 Learning Outcome Matrix

|1. Understand how to plan resource needs     |2. Understand the need for change to         |3. Be able to monitor, record and control   |
|with the team to meet objectives             |resource requirements                       |resources within the work area               |
|.1 Identify a teams responsibility in       |.1 Identify how information obtained on     |.1 Describe the need to monitor and record   |
|connection with managing resources. Pg 2     |changes to resource requirements. Pg 4       |the use of resources. Pg 5                   |
|.2 Describe the components of a resource     |.2 Describe trends and developments that     |.2 Explain the importance of recording       |
|plan, used to achieve team objectives.       |affect resources. Pg 4                       |relevant and accurate information and using |
|Pg 3                                         |                                             |records to plan for future resource         |
|                                             |                                             |requirements. Pg 6                           |
|.3 Describe the impact of environment and   |.3 Identify the impact of resource change on|                                             |
|legal factors on the team resource plan. Pg |the teams objectives. Pg 5                   |                                             |
|4                                           |                                             |                                             |

2   Introduction

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