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NDDC undertakes about 3,000 kilometers of road project, thus opening up the rural area for development Isuochi is a border community located in Umunneochi Local Government area of Abia State. This sleepy community shares boundaries with other southeastern states of Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi and Imo. More significantly, the Isuochi people travel long distances across the neighboring Imo State communities, notably, Ihube and Okigwe, to get to Umuahia, their state capital. Added to the travails associated with the long journey was a dilapidated road network, famous for its potholes. Thus, for several years, it was a nightmare to the people travelling out of their community to access both their Isuikwuato council headquarters and Umuahia. The situation persisted despite their endless cries to appropriate authorities for intervention.
But the people heaved a deep sigh of relief in 2005, when NDDC eventually took over the construction of the road. Apart from currently facilitating the transportation needs of the people, the road has restored their confidence in NDDC as a sensitive interventionist agency of the federal government.
"For decades, we suffered on the pothole-ridden road, with our vehicles regularly breaking down on the way. But we can now shut our eyes, while cruising on the road," Amaechi Ugwa, an excited commercial driver from the community stated.

Similarly, the Ekeoba-Umudibia Road links the two next-door neighboring communities in Abia and Imo states for the first time in history. Before this, the Imo River divided them. Nneoma Uwadirioha, whose farm is on the banks of the river, said that there was celebration in both communities the day the beams of the bridge were laid. Seventy-year-old Ichie Friday Okeke said that, before the road, "We used wooden canoe to paddle across the Imo River and trek to Eke Ikpa and other places. Others used bicycles which they carried across the river."
If the people of Ekeoba and Umudibia celebrated their brand-new...