Residency Requirements for Firefighters

Residency Requirements for Firefighters
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Residency Requirements for Firefighters
The subject regarding residency is as old as the country’s history. Politically, the democrats sided with worker’s unions to oppose the requirements of the residency. Republicans on the other hand supported local control.   Interestingly, these conflict axioms with the standard republican principle of more rights of individuals and less government intrusion have impacted negatively on requirements of residency.   The issue of residency requirement is a complex issue that has been a subject of many court battles. The research paper will aim at using the literature review to draw recommendations on the possible way of addressing residency requirements. The paper will depend greatly on secondary data such as books, scholarly and blogs to derive information.  
The purpose of this research is to prepare a policy analysis on the residency issue of firefighters. The research paper explores descriptive and evaluative research methods to address the question of whether residents should support the residency requirements. The essay also aims at addressing whether employees in a city support the current residency requirement. The paper will also focus in answering whether the residency requirements should be modified or eliminated.   In addition, the essay also aims at exploring the various instances of court battles related to residency requirements. The essay will finally provide recommendation on the subject.
Literature review
The residency requirements for firefighters have been the focus of attention at all levels of government. The congress in Washington, D.C. intervened by attaching a ban on residency requirement to the funding bill (Olivas, 1988). The bill considered the issue of residency to be so vital that in the third time in history it interfered with the home rule and later overturned the legislation that was approved by the mayor and...