Communications in Criminal Justice
Professor Baker
Ms. J Hill
August 25, 2015

On August 20, 2015 at approximately 2:30 PM I was dispatched to an altercation at
Westwood College which is located at 4420 North Fairfax Drive, Arlington VA. I arrived at the
location at 2: 42 Pm. When I reached the location, I was met by a young black man that
identifies himself as Brandon Pree. Mr. Pree stated that his fellow class mate Ms. Kimberly
Salmond had broken his window on his SUV with a rock . Mr. Pree stated that Ms. Salmond
was angry because he bumped her in the hall and didn't apologize. Mr. Pree said Ms. Salmond
followed him to the elevator, proceeded to get on the elevator and once they reached the first
floor Ms. Salmond followed him to parking lot. Mr. Pree stated that as he walked to his car he
witnessed Ms. Salmond bend down and picked up the rock. Mr. said before he could ask her
what was she going to with the rock, Ms. Salmond had already threw the rock breaking his truck
window. Mr. Pree said once Ms. Salmond through the rock she ran but he didn't know in which
direction because he was getting his phone out of his book bag to call the police. Upon my
investigation, I seen that the driver side window was broken on Mr. Pree, black 2001 Lexus
SUV. I seen glass on the ground near the front driver side as well as glass in the front seat along
with the rock on the driver's side. Mr. Pree described Ms. Salmond to be black, in her mid 40's,
short two toned gold and black hair, she was wearing glasses. She is about 5'6 , about 160lbs, he
also stated that she was wearing a white tank top, tan shorts and gold sandals and also wearing a
black hand brace on her right hand. At 3:07 PM, I found Ms. Salmond hiding in The Market
Place which is a carryout across the street from Westwood College. I immediately Mirandized
Ms. Salmond and took her into custody and charged her with destruction of private...