Research Strategy

Research Strategy Paper

Research Strategy Paper
Managing time can prove to be a difficult task. Struggling with daily life and the pressures of tight schedules can be stressful. Creating a plan using research can help with time management. The subject of this paper is to discuss the importance of time management and how research can improve on a person’s time management skills.
Time seems to have a way of slipping by too fast and it seems that there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all of the tasks. School, work, and family time is limited. I work a full-time job, attend college online, and I have a small business that I run out of my home. This can be very stressful at times and my time management practices need to have some type of improvement so that I can accomplish everything in a day.
More often I find myself asking where the time went. I do not get all of my tasks done after I get off work. I have a limited amount of time when I come home at the end of every day. I have to squeeze in my homework and try to keep my small business going. All of these tasks leave me with little or no time for my family.
I want to have more time with my family. To accomplish this I will have to conduct some research on how to manage my time more efficiently. I will have to find a plan that will work for my busy life without draining me of all of my energy.
Steps have to be taken to conduct research. The first step would be to evaluate my energy levels. “We are each refreshed and restored in different ways, so it is essential to discover which activities drain and which renew your energy levels” (Repak, 2010). This is an important step because it will help me accomplish my tasks without feeling fatigued.
The next step would be to evaluate my time management skills. I need to determine why I do not have enough time to accomplish my tasks. Wasting time seems to be one area that needs improvement. Little daily tasks that may not be a priority should wait until...