Research Report

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Perception of quality of life of elderly people    

A structured questionnaire was administered to 710 older residents from diverse ethnic backgrounds in Greater Tshwane and which included all those locations specified in the sample. Each participant filled in   AAQ (Attitude of Ageing Questionnaire). On the AAQ, the higher the score was, the more positive the attitude towards one’s own ageing process in that area. Questionnaire responses are going to be analysed using multilevel modelling and path analysis.

The research has shown that poor health has a negative impact on perceptions about old age and of ageing in general. There is a direct relationship between poor physical health and a person’s actual age. According to Holm and Severinsson (2013), it is very clear that in order to support older persons to continue living at home, professionals must identify each individual’s own perceptions about her/his health and complex health care needs. Hence our interest to carry out this study. Quality of life is a broad term without exact definition. It depends on a number of factors: support from friends and relatives, ability to work and interest in one's occupations, accommodation appropriate to expectations and, of course, health and disabilities whether congenital or recently acquired disorder. While a subject of interest and relevance to all countries, QOL (Quality Of Life) is of particular interest in a country such as South Africa where, up until 14 years ago opportunities and resources were allocated to citizens on the basis of their racial classification ( Beukes and van der Colff: 1997).

Senior citizens are also a bigger concern. It is common knowledge that poor health can interfere with the way the elderly view their maturity and of course that includes the general quality of life. What are the...