Research Proposal

MindWriter CompleteCare Satisfaction Research Proposal
Team B
QNT 561
December 19, 2013
David Gilhousen

MindWriter CompleteCare Satisfaction Research Proposal
      MindWriter Corporation’s complete care program is experiencing a breakdown in their repair process of portable/laptop/notebook computers. This breakdown is causing a spike in customer complaints with the repair program and customer overall dissatisfaction. The repair process satisfaction proposal that was presented to MindWriter Corporation mimics the research process. It begins by stating management’s problem and then defines the management and research questions. However it neglects to state management’s dilemma. It also addresses the type, purpose, time frame, scope, and environment in the research design portion of the proposal. The research design portion also speaks to preparation and data collection. The data analysis portion of the proposal states how the surveys will be collected, and interpreted. Finally the deliverables portion of the proposal details how the data will be reported. Another deviation of this proposal from the research process is it includes a budget.   This analysis will include the management dilemma for the proposal< I can’t explicitly find this.   Though I will give you some credit for “a spike in customer complaints…etc” , the steps of the research process, what business items are included in the proposal, one topic not addressed in this proposal< I don’t see this topic, either. , one advantage of qualitative research, and the mailed postcard proposal with its components.
      Qualitative research includes an “array of interpretive techniques which seek to describe, decode, translate, and otherwise come to terms with the meaning, not the frequency, of certain more or less naturally occurring phenomena in the social world (Cooper & Schindler, 2011).”   One of the advantages of qualitative research is face to face interviewers; telling the interviewer how and why the...