Research Project Level 5

Care Essay

The different agencies responsible in identifying levels of health and disease in communities are the following: World Health Organisation, Health Protection Agency and the Primary Care Trusts. This three may have different specifics in terms of their objectives and targets but they are commonly working on towards a safer and health risk-free environment.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) functions are mainly in providing support and services to the different health care institutions around the globe especially those who primarily need it e.g. low performing health care providers on a per country basis, newly debilitated areas and the likes. The organisation also joins forces with other necessary health care organisations in order for them to acquire help in the implementation of certain programmes or activities locally. Their outreach deeds are most especially recognized during national disasters, calamities, outbreaks and other world-wide alarming situations.

Another agency that aids in discovering levels of health and diseases is the Health Protection Agency (HPA). According to HPA (2010) 'The functions of the Agency are "to protect the community (or any part of the community) against infectious diseases and other dangers to health" (HPA Act 2004).' This means that any changes in the level of health in a certain community especially those which are caused by the involvement of a certain person to dangerous materials/chemicals/equipments is being watched by the HPA. The agency is specifically designed to cater this kind of concerns and are tasked to prevent harmful incidences from occurring and to avoid breakouts if such situation occurs.

On the other hand, Primary Care Trust (PCT) is basically more specific in terms of care provision since they focus on a certain area assigned to them. For example, if Wandsworth is the area coverage of a certain PCT then they are specifically tasked to meet the needs of the people residing in that said...