Research Problem

Refine the Statement of the Research Problem

Potential Research Topics: How does the relationship between children and their fathers impact their performance in school and ultimately the relationship they have with various education Administrators they encounter?   In terms of understanding ones initial interaction with the social world around them you need not look any further than that individuals parents.   We begin our lives as a shell of a person.   Our parents are responsible for shaping and molding our very existence.   The problem stated here can be impacted             This is an
interesting question.   Angela J. Hattery and Earl Smith authors of Families of incarcerated African American Men: The Impact on Mothers and Children stated that African American males are overrepresented in terms of incarceration.   This missing patriarch whom is incarcerated does not have the ability to motivate his young son or daughter in a positive way.   This causes a ripple affect in terms of

I am a 42 year old man.   My life experiences have made me who I am today.   I was born on a farm in what is known as the “the old river town”.   This town is just off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.   I am from Conway, South Carolina.   About 80% of Conway residents live at or below the poverty line.   Growing up I saw no real black or white issues.   We had 3 channels and in all actuality little to no connection to the outside world.   No one in our inner circle seemed to think he or she was better than anyone else.   The majority of us lived in mobile homes and had parents that worked in the local textile industries or on a farm of some sort.   I myself had my days as a young boy working on the farm.   My dad had a little more than a fifth grade education.   My dad worked cutting trees down deep in the woods and dragging them out.   Dad would later get injured and then begin working on the local farm.
Our standard of living was severely impacted by this life changing event....