Research Paper Com 220

I received a lot of information from the Center for Writing Excellence.   I used the passive voice often, and I put my citations in the wrong place.   I got good reviews from one of my peer reviews, and there were some things that the second reviewer thought I could change, such as adding counter arguments.   Ms. Waldron pointed out that I put too many spaces in between paragraphs, and also my citations were incorrectly placed.  

I followed most of the advice given to me from the Center for Writing Excellence.   I didn’t change all of the passive voice because I thought the sentences flowed better in some cases with keeping it that way.   However, I did change some of it.   I moved all my citations to the right place, and I eliminated the extra spaces in between paragraphs.   This was the correct thing to do because the way I had it did not follow APA guidelines.   I also did not add a page number to my quote from Abraham Lincoln because it was from a speech he gave.   There was not a page number to draw from.   I did not follow the advice from one of my peer reviews that said to add counterarguments, because I included quite a few.   Only one was specifically indicated as a counterargument, the others were implied counter arguments, and there were numerous occurrences of them.   As I was re-reading my paper, I also got a few minor mistakes I had made and corrected those as well.