Research on the Properties of Metals

Part B: Research

Titanium, Tungsten, Molybdenum and Niobium

Uses and their relevant properties:

|Metal                                       |Main uses                                   |Relevant Properties                         |
|Titanium                                   |About 95% of titanium ore is refined into   |This is because titanium dioxide has an     |
|                                           |titanium dioxide (TiO2), used in paints,   |intensely white pigment.                   |
|                                           |paper, toothpaste, and plastics.           |Titanium has the highest strength to weight|
|                                           |Used in things such as racquets, bicycle   |ratio of any metal which makes it very     |
|                                           |shafts and aviation.                       |appropriate for aviation.                   |
|                                           |Used in boating and other water related     |This is because of its high resistance to   |
|                                           |uses.                                       |corrosion, even from chlorine gas.         |
|Tungsten                                   |Traditionally used in the filaments of old |This is because Tungsten has the highest   |
|                                           |style light bulbs.                         |melting point of all metals.               |
|                                           |Tungsten Carbide (WC or W2C) is used in     |It’s used in drill bits because of its     |
|                                           |high quality drill bits and heavy metal     |extreme hardness and its high resistance to|
|                                           |alloys.                                     |heat.                                       |
|Molybdenum                                 |Molybdenum is used in stainless steels.     |Resistance to corrosion from various       |