Research Offers 6-Year Forecast on Computing Device Keyboards Market

Today multiple manufacturers are offering keyboards across all shapes and sizes. There has been significant shift in trend of keyboard uses and there has been rapid drop in users simply using standard keyboards that come with desktop computers. Keyboards today are offering a selection of features for office or home use. For instance, integrated features such as dual speakers providing stereo-quality sound, media consoles allowing navigating and playing through music and specialty controls for internet browsers are finding increasing demand among users.

Device types in computing device keyboards market include desktop, laptop computer, tablet and netbook. The connecting technology types in this market include wired and wireless technologies. Wireless technologies further include Bluetooth, infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) technologies. The continued growth in laptop sales and high growth in tablet sales is leading to increasing demand for wireless keyboards. Further, there is increasing demand for mobility at workstations and home while using computers and this is aiding the growth of wireless keyboards market.

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Bluetooth was the fastest growing wireless technology across all device types. Gaming industry is booming and this is also leading to increasing demand for high-end computer peripherals including keyboards. Rapid emergence of low cost keyboards from multiple Asian manufacturers including suppliers from China, Taiwan and South Korea represents a challenge to the overall growth of keyboards market. Virtual keyboards such as virtual laser keyboards represent a significant future opportunity in this market as these keyboards would revolutionize the way data is entered into computing devices. There has been significant research in the design of virtual keyboards and these keyboards are expected to see commercial launch during the coming years. Currently, the...