Research Offers 10-Year Forecast on High Voltage Direct Current (Hvdc) Transmission Systems Market

High-voltage, direct current (HVDC) system is an electrical power transmission system which uses direct current for long distance electrical power transmission as opposed to more common alternating current power transmission systems. These systems are economical and offers better stability than AC line or AC cable and can be easily customized to specific function to improve the reliability of the network. HVDC systems can be applied at any voltage levels which makes it possible to connect the systems between two asynchronous networks. Demand for the HVDC systems is mainly from the countries where power stations are located at larger distance from consumer ends such as India & China and is less from the densely populated areas such as countries in Europe since the electrical losses are negligible at smaller distances. Global HVDC market is witnessing new product developments and large scale agreements, collaborations and partnerships across the value chain, with a number of tier-one companies globally. Currently large number of projects deployed uses line Commuted converter LCC technology, however focus on increasing the use of non-renewable energy sources has increased the demand for voltage Source Converter technology VSC.

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Transmission Systems Market: Drivers and restrains
Demand for the HVDC systems is expected to rise due to difficulties of AC systems operation from its continuous expansion. Also, rising concern over electricity consumption, stringent government laws towards electricity transmission are some of the major drivers along with macroeconomic factors such as growing GDP are fuelling the growth of the global HVDC transmission systems market.

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However high cost of implementation and slower adoption rate of newer technology can pose a major challenge towards the growth of the global HVDC transmission systems market....