Research Method

Types of Sur
Applied Business Research and Statistics QNT/561
University of Phoenix


Types of Surveys

A.) A survey of the residents of a new subdivision on why they happened to select that area
      in which to live.   You also wish to secure some information about what they like and do
      not like about life in the subdivision.
      In the aforementioned scenario I would choose the personal interview. In conducting the survey my goal is to obtain information that goes to the reasoning an individual would choose said locale as well as offer an in-depth understanding on how living in that particular subdivision has impacted the quality of life for those being surveyed. In order to for me to be able to ask questions that are relevant to those participating in the survey, it is important that I be familiar with the subdivision in which they reside. An example of how actually seeing the subdivision could impact the questions asked during the personal interview is as follows. Through personally viewing how residents tend to their yards, how many vehicles can be parked at one residence, are their children outside playing, etc. Understanding these factors will help me to focus the personal interview on the issues that impact the subdivision both positively and negatively. As an added source of information during the interviewing process I will be able to gauge the resident’s body language while being interviewed, which will help me to gauge the strength of each resident’s belief in a particular view on a subject within the subdivision. The interactions during a personal interview allow people to “put a face” with the voice that is surveying them. People tend to give a more in-depth analysis when they feel like a connection has been established with the surveyor. These factors would be my reason for choosing a personal interview over the other various types of surveys.

B.) A poll of students at Metro University on their...