Research and Money Managment

Researching money management for students.      
Students today have a plethora of problems to deal with on a day to day basis with some being more important or mentally draining than others.   Money management is a large problem with students living on their own for the first time.   It can be very confusing researching money management but with the proper technique of gathering and validating information a student’s research can be much less of a burden.
There are thousands of different research materials out there on money management and one of the hardest steps is where to start the search.   The internet is obviously the largest search engine and resource a student has to their disposal but it can be very hard to find and validate factual information obtaining to your research. Before a student starts there search on the internet for money management help they need to verify they are using an appropriate search engine, technique, and end up a credible site.   So if they start their research at a site like (UC Berlkley Library, Tutorial Table of Contents) it will give them directions for searching a credible source.   So choosing a search engine like Librarians’ Internet Index they will search for topics like money management for students, money management, or they can break it down into a less robust topic like “budgeting for students”.   Once they have found a search engine and searched for their topic they will come to multiple choices for money management.   Researching this topic will need to broken down into sub-groups since there is not one great fix for money management problems.   A student can research topics like budgeting, credit/debit, or even life events like buying a car or saving for a house.   Gathering information on all of these topics will help in their overall goal of effectively managing their money.
Once a student has effectively located a search engine, researched the...