Res/110 Research Assignment

Savannah: To Pet, Or Not To Pet
Myra T. Styles
University of Phoenix

When you think of a Savannah does a city, grasslands, or a seaport may come into mind. Some people have heard of this new kind of breed of cat and some may be amazed to her about this new wonder. This will introduce you to a new type of pet that is sweeping the nation and yet banned in certain states because of the unknown and what if factors. This is not written to change a person’s mind, it is written to find out why people have chosen this animal to be a part of their family.

Who And Or What Is a Savannah
The Savannah is a mixed breed of cat that comes from the mating of an African Serval and a domestic house cat; some people believe that it was a cross bred with the Siamese. These cats came into existence around 1986 with the help of a Bengal breeder named Judee Frank and a Serval owner by the name of Suzi Woods. Suzi is credited for the name of this new breed which comes from the African savanna where the Serval can be found. Fascination of this domestic cat hybrid caught the attention of a man named Patrick Kelley. Patrick along with Joyce Stroufe, a fellow breeder presented this new breed to the TICA (The International Cat Association) board of directors and was successful in registering the Savanna as a new breed in 1999. According to hybrid laws, the Savannah is banned in New York, Iowa, Georgia, Hawaii, Alaska, and Massachusetts.
Are They Wild Or Domestic?
As of 2001 the Savannah is a registered breed of the domesticated cat. The price of a Savannah will depend on the genetic influence of the African Serval ancestor and are broken down from F1 to F5. For example, a F1 Savannah will have 53% of Serval ancestry in it, F2 will contain 29%, and F3 will be 16%, and so on. The newest breed of the Savannah is known as the SBT, this has three generations of Savannah to Savannah mating in its pedigree; for instance the parents, grandparents, and...