Request for Proposal Eng 221

Table of Contents

1-------------------Company Introduction
1.1------------Company Description
1.2------------Business Goals

2------------------Project Introduction
2.1--------Project Goals and Training Needed
2.2--------Time to complete project
2.3--------Project budget

3-----------------Administrative Information
3.2-------Proposal Requirements and Deadline
3.3-------Confidentiality notice
3.4-------Contact information
3.5-------Vendor selection timeframe and Selection Criteria

1 - Company introduction

1.1- Company Description
LAD Web Design is a web design company that serves both corporate and private web design needs. We pride ourselves on being able to design and publish web pages for many different clienteles while keeping the price affordable to anyone looking to have a website designed.  

1.2 - Business Goals
LAD Web Design’s goal is to provide all consumers with fast and affordable web pages for corporate and private use while maintaining the pages for corporate clients for a nominal fee. For business use we offer competitive prices and submission of web sites to all major internet search engines as well as the use of private and secure servers. Private parties that wish to use our services are given a range of prices and choices to personalize their web pages, but are required to find their own server to publish their web sites.

2 – Project Introduction

2.1 - Project Goals and Training Needed
The purpose of this request is to have our employees trained with the Microsoft Office 2010 programs, whose abilities range from first time users to long time users transitioning to from previous Microsoft Office packages. The training will consist mostly of the four major components of Office: Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. We have recently hired 10 employees who are in need of training in these programs and our current employees would also benefit from a refresher course in...