Evaluate Taffe’s Ice Land situation.   What should Ty Taffe do? Why?
I believe that Ty should look at the demographics of the area his ice skating rink is located in.   By examining these demographic dimensions, Ty can determine what segment of the market he should try to attract.   For instance, if he is located in an area with an abundant amount of young families, then he should try to develop a marketing strategy to draw in families.
Since Ty recognizes that many of his customers are age 14 or younger, which sometimes interferes with the date-night setting he is trying to achieve on Friday and Saturday nights, he could set aside a certain block of time on the weekends to appeal to the younger crowd.   He could designate a block of time in the afternoon for the younger crowd where games and music are played and the atmosphere is light and playful.   Then beginning at a certain time in the evening, he could place an age restriction for older persons only.   He could even run a special for customers on dates or do something like a ladies night to attract more customers.
While I understand Ty’s reasons for offering 14 public skating sessions in his schedule, he needs to evaluate which sessions are not profitable.   Those sessions that are not profitable need to be ended.   He could use those slots of time for additional hockey or figure skating practices.   He could narrow the public sessions down to just weekends.
Taffe could also offer a party option.   The local ice skating rink in my community has a birthday party package that charges a certain price for a certain number of skaters which includes skate rental.   They are provided a room or rink side location for the cake and gift portion of the party and then allotted a block of time for skating.   Since many of Taffe’s customers are younger, this is something that they may enjoy.

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