Australia is very different to the Philippines. The lifestyle is much more polluted and hygiene isn’t treated as well as in Australia. There is a lot more violence in the Philippines, Children can become adversely affected by the violence. “ I have seen a lot of violence towards children”, my subject said, however some of the things I had asked made the interviewee very quiet, this showed me the discomfort and experience she may have had.
The subject moved to Australia in late 2012, they were quite affected in a way that they didn’t realise how far away from home they were. “It is very different in a sense that I am far far away from my family”. The society that the philippinos live in is very different as the interviewee explained “the families are tighter over in the Philippines”. I didn’t really understand what she meant because the families in Australia in my view are very close. Our English language is taught over in the Philippines but the experience saying it in the country was difficult for her.

Festivals and celebrations in the Philippines are very special to them and are celebrated much bigger than in Australia. There are some celebrations that are the same as in our country such as New Year’s Eve and Christmas Day but in the Philippines the festivals celebrated have meanings to them. In the Philippines there is a festival named The Peñafrancia Festival this festival is located in Naga City, Camarines Sur and the Bicol Region. During the day people attend church services this is much like our Easter services. The church services are followed by parades, fireworks and lots of traditional food. This festival is all in honour of the Roman Catholic Faith and their native culture. Many Filipinos attend this festival. “This is my favourite festival because it allows everyone to come together”. In Australia this is much different, our festivals aren’t traditional, Easter is where religious people have church services...