On Tuesday during the lesson about cunciling , i learnt alot about my self while we learnt about the pyramid . the pyramid made me thing about my needs and if they have been met   .
Below i will be talking about the pyramid but i will be talking about my life
Esteem i do have a good self esteem and confirdence but im not really sure if i have very ones respect as i do have some issues with some individuals with in my college and personal life
Love / belonging   i feel like i have really good friends who make me feel loves , this is also the same with family ,we do have arguments but i know and feel like they love me , my sexual life is going alright but me and my parterner are going through hard times   because we do not seem to get along nomore
Safety – I personally feel safe with in my home , family
Physioligcal my needs are being meet as i am provided with food , water , shelter every singleday
I found this lesson very interesting as i though about things which i would never normally think about such as if my needs are being meet   and about the problems which are in my life , this lesson has made me relise that this unit will be very ibterseting and that i will be able to learn new things


On Wednesdays in another coucling lesson i learnt more about my self in ways which i would normally never really think about such as my hidden self , which is the information which i chose to hide from people as i do not feel really comfucterable allowing everyone knowing some parts of my personal bisnesses , such as my family issues or my relationship or sexual life , as this makes me feel like some people may judge me , i also don’t really let out my feeling as i feel like people may make fun out of me or hurt me their for i put up a barrier which allows me to feel safe .
At the start of the lesson i did not really think that i did this as i would normally not talk or think about my hidden self , which made me feel very this lesson...