Report on China Edible Vegetable Oil Industry

Aug, 29, 2016, Mumbai, India: Market Reports on China presents the report, on “Research Report on China Edible Vegetable Oil Industry, 2016-2020”. Oil crop planting enterprises and vegetable oil processing and trading ones around the world can find huge investment opportunities in China.

With the increasing income per capita of Chinese people, the dietary structure changes significantly, which leads to a growing demand for edible vegetable oil. The output volume of China edible vegetable oil reached about 67.3 million tons increasing by about 3.1% YOY with the CAGR of about 15.4% from 2005 to 2015. Regardless of the double counting in refining and packaging processes of raw materials as well as the import, the actual consumption volume of edible vegetable oil was about 34 million tons in China in 2015. ""

Major shares are occupied by soybean oil, rapeseed oil, palm oil and peanut oil in edible vegetable oil market in China, of which the palm oil is mainly used for the food industry. Products with a small market share (e.g. corn oil and olive oil) account for an increasing share in China edible vegetable oil market in recent years. The major reason is that Chinese people consider these varieties are healthier.

As the revenues of planting oil crops are rather lower in China and a large amount of labor force moves from rural to urban areas, the output volume of oil crops can hardly increase at high speed. In recent years, the annual cultivated area of oil crops including soybeans is about over 20 million hectares while the annual output volume is less than 50 million tons. Oil crops needed in the production of vegetable oil of enterprises are largely dependent on import and this dependence ratio increases to over 60%. With the limited output volume of oil crops in China, increasing import is the major channel to...