Report Cairnwell Health Centre


This report was commissioned by Doctors Stewart and Campbell and compiled by Petra Kosova of Total Administrative and Organisational Solutions (TAOS). The aims of the report were to identify the administrative problems and recommend changes.

Cairnwell Health Centre is located in the middle of Fraserhead. The capacity of the Centre is 1,000 patients. It is headed up in partnership by Doctors Stewart and Campbell who employ several staff members including a Practice Manager, two receptionist/clerical assistants, an archivist, two typist and nursing staff.

The Health Centre has been inspected by representatives of the Buchan NHS Trust. During inspection these issues were found:

    ➢ Low staff morale

    ➢ High levels of stress-related absenteeism

    ➢ A lack of appropriate IT

    ➢ High levels of patient dissatisfaction with appointment system and attitude of staff

The Health Centre needs to secure funding for next five years but firstly is required to resolve problems of low morale, absenteeism and administration inefficiency.

This report was to be submitted by 5th October 2009.


  1. An interview was carried out with Doctor Campbell on the 28th August, 2009

  2. An observation of the reception area was carried out on the 31st August, 2009

  3. A patient questionnaire was handed out on the 4th September, 2009

  4. A staff Questionnaire was handed out to staff and answered anonymously on 5th September, 2009

  5. An IT system was evaluted on 7th September, 2009

  6. A meeting with staff was carried out on 8th September, 2009


1. On 28th August an interview with Doctor Campbell was carried out.

Doctor Campbell answered on the questions which were about the main problems of the Health Centre such as low staff morale, discussing where faults happen, skills of staff and improving of the IT system. (See Appendix 1)

2. On 31st August, an observation of the...