Renissance Man

Kyle Gloudemans
Mr. Ballard
Avid 11
November 30, 2012
Renaissance man Essay
The Renaissance Man movie is about an advertisement executive named Bill Rago who gets fired from his job and goes to the unemployment agency, where they give him a job as a English teacher in army basic training. Since he is unprepared for the life as a solider, it causes him to experience a lot of drastic changes in the way he looks at life. He is put in charge of a group of soldiers called the Double D’s which stands for Dumb as Dog Shit. At first he runs into a bunch of problems trying to control the soldiers but later he learns how to control and teach them by relating some of their interest to what they are reading.   So he has the Double D’s read Shakespeare’s Hamlet because they are able to take interest in it. Reading Shakespeare helps the Double D’s become better soldiers in learning how to comprehend their tasks and teaches them discipline and responsibility   as a solider.
Reading Hamlet helped make the Double D’s better soldiers by teaching them how to comprehend any task at hand. They learn how to look over and look deeper into their life decisions from Hamlet. This shows that Hamlet teaches the Double D’s how to look at their life and life decisions,   which helps them get through any problem. One character starts to turn his life around from being a drug dealer after reading Hamlet. This is another example of how reading Hamlet was essential   in teaching these soldiers how to comprehend any task at hand and that they are able to do something with their lives. These are ways Hamlet helped the soldiers with any task that they have to face.

Hamlet also teaches the Double D’s the meaning of discipline and the benefit of hard work. For example, they have to learn how to review every night to be prepared for the next day. This shows that by reading Hamlet the soldiers have to work hard and use discipline to read the book every single night. There is a final exam...