Renault Case

Human Resources:

Table of contents

I/ Overview of the company
1) Presentation of Renault
2) Vision and Mission statement
3) Strategic goals and Workforce philosophy
4) Organization chart
II/Strategy & HR Planning in the company

1) Workforce Engagement, Capability & Capacity in the company
2)   H&R goals and H&R Action Plans
III/ Succession planning & The European Culture & International HR Management



In this Assignment it is required to write a strategic analysis of Human Resources for a European company. In order to respond to this point, I choose to build my analysis on the company Renault, indeed this company is a French automaker producing cars, vans, buses, tractors, and trucks. Today the group designs, manufactures and markets vehicles under three brands: Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung motors. The group operates in 118 countries and offering a range of vehicles tailored to today’s mobility needs and the requirement of its different markets. The goals of Renault are to develop sustainable mobility solutions and make them available to the greatest number of people around the world by innovating and pursuing research and development efforts.
Nowadays, the sustainable development is a real direction especially for company like Renault which is making cars. This company has to find a new strategy in order to match the demand which is more concerned about the ecological issues and wants new kind of car with less emissions of CO2, less polluting... So the environmental protection is an essential part Renault's commitment to sustainable development. Renault decided to build a new strategy based on ecofriendly car and equipment. The company's environmental policy focuses on: implementing environmental management systems throughout the company  that prevent industrial risks, eliminating or reducing vehicle impact on the environment at every stage of the...