In my previous post I said that the European Renaissance period impacted how we live our lives today. For this blog I want to focus on that specifically. One of the major impacts this time period had on us was the influence of itself on science. Before the renaissance period there was a strong tie between religion and science. For some reason this period of time evoked in people the idea that the human mind was powerful and that through study we could learn why things worked and understand the world we live in. In many cases the use of science reinforced the belief systems of the people. It was from this time period that word science began to be used. (1)
It was due to this period that printing the Bible and studying it became a obtainable desire of the mass population. This revolutionized religion and impacts us still today. There was also a great focus on improving how people lived their everyday lives and this translated into politics. (1) We see this ramification of the renaissance still very clearly today, and it is amplified every four years.
Even though these are only a few examples, I believe they show that the renaissance period did have a large impact on society. I believe the impact is still felt today. I also believe the changes in lifestyle this period ushered in were good changes and a spirit of the renaissance regardless of the time period is always beneficial to society.