Remembrance Speech

Remembrance is a time to reflect on those who fort to save our country. Some come back but most did not. It is a time to take a minute of silence and remember and image what it must have been like, to fight in a war. The pain and suffering that was inflicted both physically and mentally. This is why we have Anzac Day. For all the soldiers that survived that horrific event and those that didn’t we remember with lest we forget.
We hear that phrase a lot but what does it mean? Well it was refrained from the Siegfried Sassoon’s poem aftermath and it is a phrase so that the future generations don’t forget all soldiers who put their country before their own life so we could enjoy our country the way it is. This is why we have the Anzac day March ceremony in memory of all those soldiers that fort for our country on every 25th day of   April which as been marked for over 92 years.

But when or if you forget what happened in the past, you lose all connection with what came before you, and you erase the past. Continuing in remembrance   is making sure that we continue what was in every generation, it connects us to what happened before and we make sure people are never forgotten especially when it comes to people that served in war. Connecting you to the past means remembering it. Family and religious ties mean remembrance.  A nation cannot survive without a past. We should not be ashamed of our past, even if it carries bad memories.  When we disconnect ourselves from the past we are finishing what our enemies did. They killed the people but we are destroying every thing that is left, the memories.  By remembering and understanding what came before, we can continue into the future.

Now here is a very well written poem about Anzac day that I’d like to read and share with you


By Bernard Sprunt

Each Anzac Day is a reaffirmation
Of this nation's sorrow and pride,
As with gratitude it remembers and honours,
Its sons who fought, and the many who died....