Religious Roles in Society

During time and in history Religion has played an imperative role in shaping our beliefs and also building bases in our Law and influences in what we believe are right in society. I have selected 3 significant people in the bible: Moses, Mary and King David who have assisted sections of the bible but what made them do it? It was the enthusiasm from God and the end effect that was the pay off for them because they knew they were doing well for God.
Moses was an Egyptian prince who was adopted by the pharaoh during the times of slavery. He was found in the river Jordan floating in a basket where he was saved by the queen. As Moses grew older he became more aware of what was really happening within Egypt at the time and one day whilst working on the farm in front of Moses the bush caught a flame. The flame burnt so bright in front of Moses and it was a message from God himself who appeared. God told Moses that he would save the Israelites from slavery and lead them into a better Christian life and that if he stayed faithful to good and not fall trap to the devil there would be great promise at the end. So Moses rounded up the slaves and abounded the kingdom and ran away from his only family to follow the mission of God. He spent 40 years in roaming the desert and God separated the Red Sea for Moses to pass through. It was the motivation of the promise land and Gods power of will to push Moses to help these people that kept him going. Moses embodies all things leadership that are encompassed within the bible. His drive and guidance of the Jewish people lead to him becoming known as a leader among men.
The Virgin Mary was in a relationship with Joseph who was a carpenter. One day the angel Gabriel made its self-visible to Mary as it visited her in her own home. The message was that she would give birth to a baby boy who would be the Son of God and King of the Jews and he would be named Jesus. The motivation was that she knew that one day that her son would be raised...