September 30, 2010


Effects of Religion

      Religion may affect people in many different ways, mainly because we all come from different backgrounds and are taught differently. However, it is important to respect how people honor their religion. Organized religion is an expression of believing in a divine power; organized religion can affect individuals or society as a while in good and bad ways. One group that has had a negative influence is the KKK, this was a group that was organized group of Christian terrorist, which believed that white were preferred race over any other race, especially African- Americans. This is one group of people that has made their way through history for hatred, and racism.

      In a good way religion has and will continue to bring the good out of people and show that there is an higher being, that is unseen and never forgotten. Some communities come together as a unit to help those that are in need. Is it safe to say that Christianity is a religion? I would think that it is up to an individual to make that decision. Let’s take Buddhism for an example; this religion incorporates a variety of traditions, beliefs, practices, and teachings. Even though there is structure in what is being taught and how it can be used for good, they believe in karma, when one does a good deed for another then, that good deeds will come back to you, and so forth. Organized religion has a way of becoming or instilling values that can be harmful to others, or show, practice, and pray for unity in a community.