Buddhism is the most dominant world religion in the East, making its way popular in the West. This religion was formed in India, but it is now prevalent throughout Asia, China, and Japan. There are now over 360 million followers of Buddhism. A Buddha is someone who has realized the enlightenment that ends the cycle of birth and death and which brings liberation from suffering. Buddhism have different branches such as; Theravada and Mahayana. They believe the Buddha is their only Master.

In the religion Buddhism, they consider the motivation behind life, is to create sympathy for all living beings without discrimination. Buddhist also believe they are to work for their great, satisfaction, and peace; and to create perceptiveness prompting the acknowledgment of Ultimate Truth. The ultimate goal of Buddhism is the release from suffering. According to the Buddhist faith, after death one is reincarnated. Meaning, when die, they will either be reborn in another body or enter nirvana.

Buddhism is in accordance with the thought that the beginning of this world and life is improbable since they have neither beginning nor end. As far as the moon, sun, stars, etc., Buddhists believe they were not created by any powerful god or by a Buddha. This is how Buddhists understand the origins of the world as taught by the Buddha. Just like the beginning, the world will end on its own.

Buddhist believes life is suffering, human existence is painful from birth to death. Although death is usually the end of ones life, according to the Buddhist, death has no relief since death leads to rebirth. There is no ending. In this religion, they follow the "Noble Eightfold Path." This consist of the right view, aim, speech, action, living, effort, mindfulness, and concentration. This practice will overcome cravings and attachments, also known as suffering.

Though the Buddhists often pray at home, they are a sacred temple which allows them to meditate and focus on the teachings of...