Religion and Politics

Man is religious and political by nature. Religion and politics has always been the part of human civilization from time immemorial. Religion’s part is in bringing people together and of politics is to govern them well and to mete out justice. Religious sentiments have played a major part in controlling the people in politics. The relation between both these spheres has seen many changes over time. Many have exploited the religious sentiments for various good and bad purposes.
The word ‘Religion’ has been derived from the word ‘ligare’ which in Latin means to bind together. Hence, religion is something which binds people together. Religion has many aspects. Religion is a social institution containing buildings and schools, sacred books, traditional norms of behavior, rituals, and ceremonies. Religion presents moral standards for behavior and standards that govern defense of the community and conservation (stewardship of the natural ecosystem).
The word ‘Politics’ comes from the Greek word ‘’ (polis) which means city or city state. Politics is the way by which a city or a state is governed. Politics has its own aspects such as governance, welfare of the people, administration of property, dealing out justice etc.
Relation between Religion and Politics
From the beginning of time the religious leaders have been controlling the administration of the people in their area. Religion is that binds the people together and it was found to be the most effective method by which the people could be controlled. Hence it became the chosen tool for many millennia for affecting the policies on the subjects of the state. All the major religions of the world have done this – Christianity, Islam, Jews, and Hinduism etc. - all have been using the religion as a defining tool for the spread of rule of state and the religious books have been the constitutions which lay out the rules and regulations. People taking it to be the word of god have believed...