Relevance of George Owrells 1984

Nineteen eighty four: Relevance today

The year Nineteen Eighty Four has past; clearly George Orwell’s prophecy has not come true. While his novel is entertaining it is no longer relevant anymore. Although there are many aspects of the novel which conform to this statement there is an overwhelming amount of evidence which suggests that the novel and reality are more closely related then many people may believe or like to believe.
All someone has to do is cast their eyes on a calendar to prove that George Orwell’s prophecy has not come to pass, but the date is where the differences between the novel and reality end.
In a literal sense there are obvious aspects of the novel witch seem fully fictional like big brother, Ingsoc and newspeak. However these aspects of the novel have taken different forms in reality, and still hold relevance in today’s world.

In Nineteen Eighty Four, George Orwell warns of the terrifying dangers that man may create for himself in his quest for a utopian society.  It warns that people might believe that everyone must become slaves to the government in order to have an orderly society, but at the expense of the freedom of the people. This is proven in the evolution of society, it seems that the more laws we develop to protect our civilizations the more freedom we seem to lose and the more control our government gets, for the party to protect its citizens it has to control everything that affects the citizens’ even history. This history control scares Winston "If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say this or that even, it never happened—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death." —pg 32
But is history controlled now and if it is, how and why is it controlled?
In today’s world society seems to have an addiction to the discovery of historical artifacts and the past in general, but to many peoples surprise historians believe that over 20 % of all our recorded history is incorrect and of that 10 % is...