Release Liners Market - Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 – 2023

Release liners are materials that function as a carrier for the pressure sensitive label stock and are generally made of plastic or paper. The pressure sensitive label stocks are designed to offer a specific adhesive performance, which is dependent on the choice of release liners.   Almost all of the release liners have a coating of a silicon layer. The release liners must have consistent contact with the product until it is deliberately removed; besides, it should be smoothly and clearly removed from the adhesive. The release liners should resist the change in chemical properties of the adhesives and should not contaminate the adhesives. It should be able to resist the force applied during die cutting while withstanding the speed and rigor of the process.

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Release liners are designed in forms such as plastic, paper, and printed paper. Such release liners find use in different applications, such as tapes, hygiene applications, packaging and envelopes, industrial applications, graphics art, pressure sensitive label stocks, as well as in the medical industry. Of these, release liners find the highest usage in the pressure sensitive application. About 50% of the total volume of release liners produced are used in pressure sensitive label stock applications. Besides, a wide range of specific, unique and innovative products are manufactured by commercial coating companies. Currently, North America accounts for the largest revenue share of the global release liners market. Asia is the second largest market for release liners, followed by Europe. The Asia Pacific region is expected to witness high growth in the global release liners market during the forecast period. North America is projected to continue to dominate the global market over the forecast period.

The global release liner market is expected to grow in parallel with the packaging industry. The increasing...