SOC120: Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility
Instructor: Christopher Myers
December 20, 2012

    In the article “Some Moral Minima”, Lenn Goodman argues that there are certain moral wrongs that are universal. He describes four areas he believes are areas of universal moral wrongs in detail. Morality has been an issue that many societies all over the world have been trying to understand and contend with for a very long time. I will also explore the challenges Goodman presents to relativism by using specific examples of these challenges. I will discuss how I think there should be such universal moral requirements and defend these answers.
Goodman basically discusses that every person whether it be man, woman, or child has the rights to live and be free from any and all inhumane treatment. Goodman’s main understanding is not to be quick on judging things we don’t understand, but to judge those things that are not morally right. I believe that all people are equal and have the right to live their own life as do the violators should have no rights to commit these unruly acts of wrong.
In Goodman’s argument he confirms four universal and fundamental things that are considered not acceptable and wrong in society- moral minima. The first is genocide which also includes politically induced famine and germ warfare. The second is terrorism which also includes kidnapping and child labor force including using them as child warriors. The third category is polygamy which can encompass slavery and incest. The final category he covers is rape and female genital mutilation (Goodman, 2010). I would without a doubt agree and share these same sentiments as Goodman describes.
In ‘Some Moral Minima’ written by Lenn Goodman, Goodman states “What I want to do here is single out a few areas where I think human deserts are irrefragable—not because these deserts are never questioned or breached in practice, but because they never should be...