Relative Text, Belonging Poetry: "Drifters" by Bruce Dawe

I) The problems conveyed by the composer about belonging in the text:
1. The family is unable to establish their roots because they keep moving their house
2. The family members show different perspectives of the move
3. The wife has abadoned control of where the family is headed for (sacrifice her own interest)
II)Language techniques to express an attitude to belong:
1) Family members often have to compromise or sacrifice what they want in order to belong in this family. Some members wish to establish a permanent sense of place, while others do not. this is demonstrated through a juxtaposition of diferrent perceptions of moving based on how they belong in the place they are living _ "the oldest girl is close to tears" & "the youngest girl is beaming". This is also shown in the mother's acceptance of her "drifters" lifestyle through the image of the "bottling-set/ she never unpacked".
2) Another technique that is significant, is the imagery of the father. In the opening line "he'll tell her it's time to start packing", the composer uses an assertive/ definite tone to inform the father is dominant firgure as he make decisions. The audience can understand that belonging to a place is closed tied to belonging in a family. All people in this family is necessari/ inevitable despite individual wishes. Morover, a lack of permanent place to live can provide for a spontaneous lifestyle_anything can happen. This is shown through the repetitive dialogue of the mother "make a wish, Tom, make a wish". The spontaineity of the lifestyle & excitement caused by the environment that they will keep moving out is revealed through the description of the family members different responses, The dog is "tripping/ everyone up" & "she was/ happy here". The position of the lives echoes the excited movement of this family getting in the way of packing.