Relationship Marketing

The successful relationship marketing is to understand the cross-cultural issues between buyers and sellers. This issue is particular for buyers and suppliers marketing relationships when doing business. Robert, 2010, p146 Relationship marketing (2011) (1) Relationship marketing is the name strategy that entails forgiving long-term partnerships with customers companies build relationship with customers by offering value and providing customer satisfaction. Marketing activities that are aimed at developing and managing trusting and long term relationship with larger customers. Relationship marketing is a form direct response marketing it place emphasis on building ling relationship term with customers rather than on individual transaction. Relationship marketing involves the customers understanding of customer needs and want through their lifecycle and providing arrange of products or services accordingly. Definition of Relationship marketing (2011) (1) Building and maintaining relationship may require changing the way business is done for example: Apple computers which once relies exclusively on dealers recognized that may o its large customers needed specialised service. To satisfy   this segment of the marketing and maintaining strong ties to these key customers, the computers firm now it has own sales force calling directly.(Batterly, (2003),p136 Relationship marketing that has become popular is frequency marketing. A strategy to encourage increase purchase from the firm best customers. For : Household that normally buys dress, shirt may receive free catalogues with more display of those product category. Guiltinal, Gordon (2006).p 167
(2) Advantages: The best advantage in relationship marketing is know well the regular customers if they don’t buy- can be even more important than knowing what they do buy. Providing exactly what they want. Tracking customer behaviour and sending the right message at the optimal stage of the buying cycle,...