Relationship Between Law and Equality

In my opinion I think practically the relationship between law and equality doesn’t exist. Yes, we all know that law is a system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social institutions to govern behaviour of human beings. And of course we are aware that everyone should be treated equally before the law. We believe that no one is above the law. But in reality there is always a question of who you are, and how wealthy you are. Unfortunately if you want justice and you are nobody with nothing, then forget about it.
Surprisingly people are not comfortable to talk about it. That is fact. The question of have and have not has no doubt to have great influence when it comes to law and equality.

My reference here is in most of African countries when I am more familiar with. People will be very terrified once they get involved in legal system. Even if someone has been harassed in work place, or their land has been taken by someone who is wealthy. No family member from the have not, will dare to seek legal help. They will be ready to surrender their rights. Sometimes it is even worse when wealthy people want to acquire something from poor people, they will create a scene that will convince the judge to put the victim in jail. Judges who are involved in these cases will be aware of what is happening, they will know that the victims are innocent, but they don’t care.

Corruption is the major challenge in African countries, it contribute more in creating inequality. It makes wealthy people feel like they are above the law. In some African countries corruption is everywhere. In education system, in employment system there is a say -pay some money to get money. In health sector it is known that you will never get treated without paying a nurse or a doctor in charge some extra money before hands.

Lack of awareness of human rights among ordinary people is another challenge. Because of this people can be put in jail unnecessarily as I explained above....