Relations Between Culture and Language and It Impact on Intercultural Communication

HUMA1901 – English language and academic communication I


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Discuss the relationship between language and culture, and how language affects intercultural communication:
Relations between culture and language and it impact on intercultural communication
We all know that different countries have different cultures and different languages. Language is a special kind of social phenomenon and a significance of combination of symbol system. More specifically, for human, it is a basic tool of thinking and the most important vehicle of communication. Different languages might lead to people seeing the world differently, if only slightly. It is necessary that the language is studied as symbol, but it will produce practical sense when the study is integrated with the culture and intercultural communication. People use the language to achieve the personal contact and exchange their ideas so that they can coordinate their behaviors between each other in the process of cognitive reality and transform it for the best results. Accordingly, language has a very important role in social communication and it is the most important communication tool of human society.
The relationship between language and culture is interdependent as they both influence each other. Language is one of the most important cultural carriers and communication tool. On the other hand, culture has a great impact on restricting language.
For one thing, language is a part of culture. Language is a symbol system, and is also one of the social phenomena that closely related to mankind. However, culture and language will change with the development level of social productive force which will cause the social...