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Relapse Prevention
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Monday class
Final Exam

I will call my client Dayna (38) who is in this treatment facility for a second time. However this will be the first time I have had Dayna as a client. Dayna is a late stage drug user, whose main drug of choice is methamphetamine. Her first time in treatment was a short-term 30-day court ordered program. Unfortunately at the time, Dayna who is no first timer in the system wasn’t ready for help.
This time she came in on a voluntary basis after she completely hit rock bottom according to records obtained. My client’s history with law enforcement and County Agencies is quite extensive. My first meeting with Dayna is set for this morning to write my assessment. During this time it will be a one on one meeting to determine why she feels this time in treatment will work. Paper and pencil is an important tool for the first meeting, because I feel some clients may not trust the counselor, and will give you what they think you want hope to hear.
They will have the opportunity after they leave this first session to write down what brought them here and what do they expect out of treatment. It will be in a sense the beginning of their journey to recovery. The first few weeks sometimes can be a test of irritability and frazzled nerves, confusion and denial. However, with the right tools some as simple as pen and paper, can help change
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the final outcome. It allows us to put down our thoughts as we have them and to not hold back. My client is one who can write every thought easier than she can speak up in-group. It is a comfort to her in a way, because she will not be judged by anyone, or has to please anyone; she can concentrate on fixing herself.
The first week of treatment is a week devoted to one on ones and group meetings. Alliances will be made and trust along with respect for themselves and others, sets the groundwork for a hope and a new...