Last week, I had the first presentation for workshop one and it was also the first time I found myself to be in an impasse like this. The workshop was required to do as teamwork in only one week and my team decided to have a meeting at tutorial section. Unlucky was I because at that time, I also had to study two other periods so that I could not attend to the group’s meeting and also could not know well and exactly what our group would do. For the reason that each group member had different course schedule, we then only communicated and exchanged information with each other by email and I also took my responsibility by the work assignment from the leader. With subjective feeling, we all think that the first workshop was simple and we only checked our slide an hour before the starting of presentation and until this time, my team found out that there were two people doing the same work, me and another boy. In this case, I had to rewrite my own presentation from the beginning and I found it too difficult because I was empty of ideas. There were only 30 minutes left and I was deeply nervous. I was tired and a headache made me think about giving up. I got angry, started crying and my classmate appeared. She helped me come down, encouraged me to continue my work and guided me with some suggestions. Thanks to her help, I finally completed my work on time; however, my teamwork at that day was not really successful. After all, I had study not only for my own but also for my team that next time, we could not be subjective and had to well-prepare for group’s presentation before class. Although there could be some reasons, a team should still have at least one meeting to allow information available to all member of group. In addition, for my own, I learnt that whatever happens, the most important thing to me is being unruffled and never giving up easily.