Reflective Practice

All staff must be up to date with legislation and codes of practice.
These include: - Equality act 2010. Race Relations Act 1976. Human rights act 2005. Special educational needs and disability act 2001.

All staff and service users must at all times follow the guidelines set out in these acts, if this is not adhered to this may be seen as individuals being treated less favourably than others, Thus affecting an individual’s self-esteem, leading to stereotyping, seen prejudice and Injustice,   causing upset, individuals feeling isolated, leading to labelling and Harassment.

The Equality act 2010 is designed to combat discrimination and uphold the rights of any individual, the provision of our support service means that you must offer the same quality of support regardless of Race, religion, colour or other protected characteristic.

Inclusive practice is about the attitudes, approaches taken to ensure
That an individual is not excluded or isolated. It means supporting diversity by accepting and welcoming people’s differences, and promoting equality and ensuring equal opportunities for all.

As support workers we must demonstrate inclusive practice by working in ways to recognise, respect, value and make the most of all aspects of diversity.  
Having sound awareness of and responding sensitively to an individual’s diverse needs supports them in developing a sense of belonging, well-being and confidence in their identity and abilities.   It also helps them achieve their potential and take their rightful place in society.
Inclusive practice involves having an understanding on the disastrous impact that discrimination, inequality can have on an individual’s physical and mental health.   Having such understanding ensures appropriate support which can enable an individual to develop self-respect and maintain a valued role in society.

A support worker who fails to support diversity or promote equality are usually unaware of their attitudes and the impact of...