Reflective Piece

Reflective Essay on Strengths and Weaknesses

I have always regarded myself as having more personality traits of an introvert than that of an extrovert. This has had both its positives and negatives and throughout the years of my academic learning has formed the basis for what I would consider my strengths and weaknesses. For one of the tasks we were appointed on our professional skills development module, we had to complete a type dynamics indicator (TDI) test that consisted of a series of questions on our personal preferences to situations and received feedback on our personality traits and preferred working conditions. The feedback I received was significant as it confirmed skills I already felt I was strong in but highlighted one particular weakness that I believed could hold me back if I wished to pursue my desired profession of being an accountant.
A personal strength that was highlighted was that I was someone who was willing and able to take the initiative with tasks and enjoyed quietly getting on with them. This was something I strongly agreed with and feel I have exhibited in all the modules I have undertaken at University, especially that of assignments and revising outside of lesson time. As Belbin (2010) states although a person may seem timid in comparison to another, there still lurks the determination to succeed and working towards obtaining the best results. If I were to relate it to my professional skills development module it would be particularly linked to the different psychometric tests we had to undergo. The constant need to improve in different areas whether that be my numerical skills, abstract or verbal skills. The meticulous brushing up on these skills that had taken somewhat of a back step as my attention focused almost solely on what was required to gain the best grade possible in my degree. Doing this in my own time and space is something I have always preferred as it allows me take in information at my own pace and test myself in...