Reflective Essay

The company I am working   for is called and the industry is retail. is a startup company which has been operating for about 6 months now.   Basically, the company has an online store where it sells clothes, shoes, bags and accessories by Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean, Australian and Thai designers.   The business is low risk because the company does not buy the clothes from the designers which means if the company does not sell the items the designers do not get paid. is a very small company with a total of 8 personnel, 3 of which are interns.
On the second day of internship, we were assigned tasks for the month and my tasks are to come up with something smart and creative to say in the 'about us' section of the company's website. I was also presented with an event calendar and I needed to come up with a marketing plan for every   event such as Chinese new year for the month   of January. Lastly, I am tasked with finding new affordable brands for the company to recruit. A few days into the job and the boss called an impromptu meeting where she said that the sales figures have started o decline and she would give anyone who came up with a brilliant marketing idea RM50 and she proceeded to pin an RM50 note to the announcement board.   My goal before the end of January is to come up with a marketing idea that will blow my boss' mind and earn me RM50.
My first objective is to improve my interpersonal communication skills. My boss expects you to ask questions and tell her when you are confused or not clear about a task. That is very hard to do because sometimes I am afraid the question I ask may be stupid or I just find myself tongue tied around her for she can be very intimidating. What I have come to learn however, is that asking questions makes your work easier if not you may have to repeat the task because the method you used which you assumed to be right may be wrong and you can save yourself the time and energy of repeating it by...