Reflective Essay

This essay is a reflective piece based from my second clinical experience during the four weeks of placement. I will discuss and focus more on a patient who are complaining of pain. From this reflection, I will be able to find out my capability and improve my weakness to relate my studies of theory into real life and situation. Therefore, I will use Gibbs’s Model of Reflection (Gibbs 1988) that allow a clarify view which contain of descriptions, feelings, evaluations, analysis, conclusion and action of plan. Gibbs (1988) expresses that to reflect is not just adequate, it should be done into practice in order the learning to be completed. Reflection “is a way of learning from direct experiences, rather than from the second-hand experiences of others’’ (Cottrel 2003, p6). There are several reason why reflection is significant to nurses. Based on reflection, ‘we can get to know more about what we do and what limits our abilities and those gave the opportunity to improve the way we care’, ( Ghaye, and Lilyman, 2001)

My clinical placement was in the male medical ward of the hospital. I arrived on the ward at 6.30am as early as I can and ready to start my first 7-hours shift of the first week. I joined passing patient’s reports session as work routine in the morning. This time, I can do better than my previous clinical placement as I learned and knew more abbreviations that are being used in nursing progress. I were informed by my mentor to care for an old man named Mr. R (not real name) According to the NMC (2008) The Code : Standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives articles 5, 6, and 7 it states that ‘you must respect people confidentially, you must ensure people are informed about how and why information is shared by those who will be providing their care, you must disclose information if you believe someone may be at risk of harm, in line with the law of the country in which you are practising’, (NMC 2008)....