Reflective Account

What happened?

It was lunchtime and i was on the upper playground supervising the children, when a girl caming running towards me saying that a boy needed help.
I rushed over to where the boy was and he was clutching his nose, the girl told me that the football had hit him in the face and his nose was now bleeding. I asked the boy if i couldhave a look at his nose and as he pulled his hands away from his face, blood poured from his nose, he wimpered as it was quite a lot of blood, I then told his it would be ok, and reasured him that although it looked a lot of blood that it was just because of the area that had been hit.I gave him a tissue that was in my pocket, clean of course and told him to keep his head down and hold the tissue there.

He calmed down a little and we made our way into the school to clean him up and check him over.I sat him in reception told him to keep his head down and went to grab the first aid kit,as I got back to the boy my supervisor was passing so I asked if she could monitor me helping the boy.
I put on some gloves, and started to clean the blood from the boys nose, all the while talking to him and asking if he was ok, what he had been doing the weekend, just to keep his mind off things.
After the blood had been cleaned and we had stemed it by keeping his nose down and pinching the top of the nose, i cleaned away the mess and placed all tissues and wipes, into a yelow waste bag.

I asked the office staff to send a text home to the boys mom, as although it wasnt a head injury I thought it classed as a head injury, and went back to see how the boy was doing.
He was very calm and the bleeding had stopped altogether now, my supervisior was still with him, and i suggested that we let him sit there a while longer, to make sure he was ok, a memeber of the office staff said she would keep an eye on him, and we went back to playground duty, i made a mental note to check on him after play had finished.

How i felt?

At first i felt...