Reflective Account

relaxed about "rules" in our house. While we had things like bedtimes etc, we never really had to follow them too strictly. I remember clearly that I was allowed things such as my TV on in my bedroom at night as I wouldn't sleep otherwise! We were never regularly expected to do chores or things around the house, even to earn pocket money, thought we would help out sometimes. Our household was fairly relaxed, and we never had any problems with this and were well-behaved children most of the time.
However, obviously, everybody raises there children differently and a lot of famalies and children I work with may have a stricter upbringing, and as someone working in childcare I need to respect parents wishes in the things they want to do with their children and try and keep things consistent while caring for them myself if that's what their parents want. Similarly, some children may have no routine at home and as a result not be well-behaved at school or nusery etc, and while I can try and help in my setting, as long as the child is safe, it's important that I do not get involved with how their famalies try to deal with things. I should always try and deal with a child's bad behaviour in my setting in the correct way however, and not treat a child differently or avoid them etc just because they may have behaviour issues and be brought up in a way that is maybe different to the way I was as a child.
My parents have stayed together throughtout my life, however, it is likely I will come across many families where the parents are separated. This is not a problem to me, and I should be sure never to let my experience affect how I treat the child and their family despite my opinion.
I was born with a disability, and as a result, both me and my family have always been quite aware of both my disability and those that affect others. Understanding and equal opportunities for disabled people is something I feel very strong about, particularly for people who may have been...