Reflective Account

Reflective Account of My Day at Work

On arrival I rang the doorbell and waited for Mr X to open the door.   I always like to encourage service users to open door themselves at agreed suitable times (not at night unless expecting someone) Regulation 11 and 15 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 ( safeguarding people who use services from abuse).   I greeted Mr X and after a brief chat I explained that   myself and the ‘sleepin’ member of staff are going to go up to the staff office to do a handover, as we were going up the stairs the second member of staff that was on duty for the early shift arrived.
The night staff began to tell us about the residents one at a time, we then counted and checked each service user’s money tins and also the office petty cash tin, once checked and correct I signed the relevant pettycash books and the second member of staff countersigned.   I then checked the medication folder to ensure medications the night before had been administered and signed for, I then read the communication book and checked the diary for any appointments.   After giving me the staff keys the sleep-in member of staff left.   My colleague and I then discussed the plan for the shift.   I also had a supervision booked with this member of staff which we had agreed to do at 1.30pm when the residents are out and there would be privacy and no disruptions, I explained that it is essential we have the supervision as it is now due under compliance and that we had some following up to do from actions from their previous supervision.   As it was the end of the month I also had the end of month returns to complete.  
At around 07:45 the residents got up and came into the kitchen to make themselves a drink and helped themselves to breakfast.   Mr k needed verbal prompt to try and do this himself as he was quite capable of doing this independently.   To help promote and work towards independence I ensure myself and the team do this in a consistent way so that all service users...