Reflective Account

For confidentiality purpose I will be keeping service users names out of this reflective account and will be referring to them as S/U. I would only break confidentiality if there is a risk of danger or harm to the resident, or other people. If abuse is suspected, or if there is Suspected misconduct of a colleague, in respect of care of a resident (Whistle blowing). You must inform the S/U why the information needs to be passed on by others and its your responsibility to do so.

On arrival at 8am I am required to enter a security code on our door, I then enter. once I have entered the building I am required to sign in, this is in case there was a fire we were all accounted for.

I then enter and and use alcohol based hand gel, this is used in addition to and not instead of hand washing with soaps and antiseptic gels. I then put on my work uniform and start to was my hands, I do this by making sure jewellery is removed, turn water tap on, making sure that I can place both hands under the water and that the water is at right temperature. i then wet both hands, apply soap and lather both hands, palm to palm, I then rub each hand over the back of other and interlock fingers and rub fingers, then rub thumbs and rub palms together. I then rinse to remove soap. I then dry my hand with paper towels. I wash my hands before and after tasks and also bath regularly to prevent the spread of infection at work. I keep my hair clean and tied back wearing clean clothing. I keep my nails trimmed this prevents me transporting Pathogens, It is important to take care of our skin as it protects from pathogens. also if not looked after it could become dry and develop cracks which could become the route of pathogens. It is therefore important that hand cream is applied to help skin moisturise.

I then report to nurse in charge for a formal handover this updates us on any change of s/u care needs and keeps us up to date with current information. After this we would re wash our hands....