Reflective Account. Admitting a New Residnet

How I assisted and contributed to admitting a new resident into the home.

To begin with, I read the baseline assessment/ pre admission baseline that was completed by the home manager.   This was completed well in advance 1-2 weeks before admission due date and had allowed my plenty of time to put together a basic care plan, it also allowed me to get to know a bit about what kind of support and level of care “Mrs x” may require. From the assessment I gathered that she mobilised with a tri wheeler for short distance only and wheelchair for longer distances, she had in the past had falls and this had affected her confidence, Mrs x liked her own company in her bedroom where she can have privacy, Mrs x needed daily assistance to attend to personal care, has mild memory loss and requires staff assistance to administer medications prescribed by her doctor.
When Mrs x arrived to the home with her family, I introduced myself to her and her family,   we chatted for a short while about where they travelled from, how the journey was, how was everyone feeling about the move. I think that this helped Mrs X and her family feel more at ease and started to begin trustful and positive relationship.   Mrs x told me that she was no longer coping at home and though she was sad to leave her home, she knew she needed more help. After I showed Mrs x around the unit and the way to her bedroom, we discussed any concerns that she might have, Mrs x was concerned that she may not be able to have baths as she doesn’t like the shower, I explained that if she wished she could of course have a bath when she likes, this was documented in her personal care care plan. Mrs x also asked if it would be possible to be seen by podiatry service periodically. I informed Mrs x that I could either refer her the NHS podiatry service who visit the home roughly every 12-16 weeks of I could get in touch with a private service, Mrs x said she would prefer to be seen by the NHS. This information as well Mrs X's...