Reflective Acco

untReflective account 4
Using Gibbs (1988) model of reflection I am going to reflect upon a supervision session I had with my manager since I started my role of senior carer in April 2013.
The manager came into the work place at 8.30am and told me that my supervision would be conducted today at 10.00am with her. At 10.00am I went into supervision and the manager discussed with me my job role within the organisation and what it entailed which is managing and working alongside 4 care workers to ensure that the needs of service users are being met, that the reviewing and updating of care plans and risk assessments were updated, working with multi disciplinary agencies regarding service users needs, manage the home to CSSIW standards in the absence of the manager, supervise, appraise and support the staffing team. She discussed my strategies on how I was managing the team and also discussed that the new daily working schedule (this is discussed further in reflective account 6) would be implemented from the next day onwards. She also discussed with me my training requirements which myself and her thought relevant to enhance my job role. Then I discussed with her how the progression of the role had enhanced my knowledge and that I would like to undertake my N.V.Q. level 5 in care.
Winston and Creamer(1997) defines supervision as the shared process that focuses both on the accomplishment of organisational goals and the support of staffs pursuit of personal and development plan.
My feelings at 8.30 when my manager informed me of when my supervision was to take place were that the notice was short and that I had not had time to prepare and research anything that I would of liked to discuss in supervision.
Although I only had an hour and half to prepare for my supervision session I did not make the manager aware of this at any time. The good thing was that I was given praise for my ability to manage the team and that the team was well...